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We must say, things have been going well for us. We’re right in the middle of the Bright Companions Release Tour, driving through The Netherlands and crossing the border to Germany every weekend to play shows. Since the last update some major things have disappeared from our ‘todo-list’. We’ve played the sacred Paradiso, pulled a few jokes during our stay in a 4-star hotel and got booked for next years Eurosonic-Noorderslag Festival.

You can imagine the smile it puts to our faces, especially because we’re managing without serious neck injuries or damages to other body parts, at least up until now. We’re even surviving the Popronde.

And there you have it: Popronde. A travelling festival which attends more than 30 cities in The Netherlands. It could well be the most rock n’ roll experience we’ve had since the release of Bright Companions.

No backstages, playing with your back against the bar and losing money on most of the shows but every weekend meeting up with bands which have become friends and bar owners who will gladly give up the contents of their refrigerators for free.
Sadly the Popronde leg of our tour will end coming weekend. Lucky for us we play three Popronde shows this weekend and have the honor of ending the bill this Sunday in Nijmegen.

We’d like to thank the entire Popronde crew for working really hard and making it an awesome experience for us and all the other bands, especially ‘Beard Meister’ Martijn and Aliki who showed up at almost every John Coffey show there was to see.

Come over and party with us this weekend. Saturday we’re opening for Face Tomorrow on their final German show in Osnabruck and maybe even playing some Refused with them.
There’s a lot more news coming soon!

Alfred // John Coffey 

John Coffey

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