New Pokerface

New Pokerface

Fotograaf: Tino van de Berg

Punk / Rock

Having toured through most of western Europe and sending post-orders up to the far reaches of the USA and Asia, New Pokerface will release a brand new EP; called ‘SWINGERS’. (out in April). Spring and summer await us and nothing will prevent us from having lots of punkrock parties! Expect to see us rocking your socks of soon in a venue near you!

Optredens Popronde

  • Almere: 01 okt - Endzjin
  • Enschede: 27 okt - De Pimpelaar
  • Amersfoort: 29 okt - Daantje
  • Tilburg: 03 nov - Extase
  • Eindhoven: 11 nov - Dynamo