For I Am King

For I Am King

Metal / metal/core

For I Am King is a five-piece female fronted metal formation hailing from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The band combines furious metal riffs with defining melodies and pounding drums. This kingdom is ruled by Persian vocalist Alma, who screamed her way to the throne. With the release of their first single “The Beast Within” they started shredding the stage from early 2014 and with their EP “Revengeance” coming out the 27th of May, they are ready to conquer the metal scene. It’s simple…just metal!

Optredens Popronde

  • Leiden: 30 okt - Lazaru's
  • Rotterdam: 08 nov - Black Widow
  • Alkmaar: 14 nov - Victorie

2014 - Bart Notermans (For I Am King in Rotterdam)
Fotograaf: Bart Notermans