Spill Gold

Spill Gold

Fotograaf: Dennis Duijnhouwer

Psychedelic / Electronica

Spill Gold is a psychedelic three-piece that unwinds vivid, spiralling stories with their eerie yet persistent songs, bringing listeners into a trance-like state. With snake-charming synths, dreamy yet urgent vocals, swerving guitar lines, and heavy, earthquaking drums, they move you to dance and float away at the same time.

Never Mind The Hype

Optredens Popronde

  • Nijmegen: 14 sept - De Plak
  • Almere: 30 sept - Hi-Fi Klubben Almere
  • Haarlem: 07 okt - Patronaat Café
  • Utrecht: 12 okt - Rabarber