Fotograaf: Bastiaan Reiters

Metal / Hard rock

From the southern parts of the Netherlands, ONEGODLESS wear their inspiration on their sleeves: Pantera, Down, Black Label Society and Meshuggah are but a few of the ingredients to make this mix called HEAVYSTONERBLUESGROOVEROCKSLUDGEMETAL. It’s a brutally grooving machine embracing the ferocity of modern metal, ready to conquer the metal world.

Never Mind The Hype

Optredens Popronde

  • Nijmegen: 12 sept - De Bijstand
  • Apeldoorn: 13 sept - Ozzy
  • Dordrecht: 06 okt - Café 't Avontuur
  • Middelburg: 07 nov - Bar American
  • Enschede: 15 nov - Rocks