Fotograaf: Sophie Koterus Korting

Indie / Garage

POM is a band from Amsterdam who believes that raw music could get along well with cheerful vibes and relatable scenes of the realistic daily lives. Inspired by britpop, punk and garage rock, they've created their own 'FUZZPOP'. With the band’s own special sauce, they’ve created a harmony of flamboyance, loudness and pure energy in their live performance.

3voor12 Talent

Optredens Popronde

  • Haarlem: 09 okt - Patronaat Kleine Zaal
  • Emmen: 04 nov - The Bake Shop in Grote Kerk
  • Enschede: 19 nov - Metropool Enschede
  • Den Haag: 20 nov - POPRADAR
  • Delft: 25 nov - Steck
  • Amsterdam (2021): 15 apr - Kelder