space siren

space siren

Fotograaf: zoé

Alternative / Shoegaze

Layered guitars and a sweet succulent voice pull you in and spit you out – gently. Indie foursome Space Siren is moody without being too heavy, and catchy without being too poppy. They know where they’re going, but they’ll never let you in on the secret. They have that forward drive every band should have: the sound of needing to make music!

Optredens Popronde

  • Amsterdam: 15 sept - Volta
  • Delft: 29 sept - OJV de Koornbeurs
  • Wageningen: 06 okt - Villa Bloem
  • Groningen: 13 okt - Warhol
  • Den Haag: 05 nov - 330LIVE
  • Eindhoven: 11 nov - TAC