Fotograaf: Florian Cramer

Avantgarde / Ambient

Orphax is a musical project with the focus on minimal ambient & drone music. In the music there is a development towards microtonal sounds, where time and spatiality are important factors. In this form of working the eventual result can be a static form of sound where development in the music becomes subordinate to the listener losing any sense of time.

Optredens Popronde

  • Nijmegen: 13 sept - De Klinker
  • Den Bosch: 05 okt - Willem Twee Concertzaal
  • Haarlem: 06 okt - DeDAKKAS
  • Utrecht: 11 okt - Swordfish & Friend
  • Tilburg: 12 okt - Sounds
  • Amsterdam Eindfeest: 24 nov - Cinema