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't Vlaggenschip 1st of June A Polaroid View Aaumffie Alexi Lalas Alkaloid All the king's daughters ALUMNA An Evening With Knives Angelo Boltini BIXBY BLUE CRIME Blupaint Boner Petit Boogie Chillers BRAHM Breaking Levees BUNGALOW Charl Delemarre Convoi Exceptional Counter Jib Craig Elliott Crying Boys Cafe Daniel Cane & The Rebellion DARLYN De Alliantie De Duiven Demi Knight DIEDE Donnerwetter Dramali Drunken Dolly Early Adopters Echo Movis Eleonor Coco Fake Billy & The False Prophets Friars From Earth Funky Organizers General Midnight Geysers Gia Koka Gitta de Ridder go go kill Goodnight Moonlight HAEVN Half Way Station Icky Pack Iguana Death Cult inlakech Jasper Mook Jerusa Jesse Woodson JULIUS Keljet Kid Harlequin KIN KIRA Kissing Jane la Garçon* Lady Dandelion LAKSHMI LGHTNNG Life's Electric Logue Longen Lookapony Lynn Olsen Mary Fields Max Meser McGyver Meet The Storm Midas Moon Tapes Mountaineer MY BLUE VAN Nancy Acid Neutral Ground Brass Band Niek Pronk Nisse Bodil OHWLE. OOAK Oraclez Orange Fox Oud Schuim our Minor fall Pocket Knife Army PollyAnna Postcards From Mars Rectum Raiders RHINORINO RIIOT feat. Paulina Dubaj Rita Zipora Rivers Rogier Pelgrim Roots Creation Sade Adu Sandyland Santa Fé Schizoid Lloyd Secret Rendezvous Sir James St. Tropez Stöma Stef Classens Stillwave Swinder Tales That Are Not Supposed To Be Heard By People Tamarin Desert The Boombox The Brahms The Cavern The Check 1-2 The Dirty Denims The Dubbeez The Four The Hidden Agenda The Homesick The Ish The Lumes The Mighty Breaks The Press and the President THT Tom Tukker TV Wonder Valentina Elèni Vince Irie & Offshore Waiver Wolves Dressed in Sheep Yakumo

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